With more complex challenges across international borders, agencies which protect critical infrastructure, defend against hostile intent and prevent humanitarian disaster must support increasingly sophisticated missions. Border Control officials often operate beyond the coverage of cellular and terrestrial networks; yet the high-data rate connectivity requirements for critical data, voice, and video applications continue to grow. Discover how broadband communications for vital data, voice, and full-motion video applications, whether on land, sea or in the air, can be crucial for border protection and management.


Meeting Schedule

12:00 Opening Video: Reliable, High-quality Satellite Connectivity | Intelsat General
12:05 Keynote : The Role of Satcoms in a Global Pandemic:  React, Respond, Repair
Speaker: Samer Halawi
Welcome Remarks

The Importance of Space for the Benefit of Nations

Space programs are essential for the benefit of nations. Not only do they provide scientists insights about other planets such as the recent Hope Mission to Mars but also government and private-sector entities rely on satellites for services such as communication, navigation, remote sensing, imaging, and weather and meteorological support. These services are integral to national security which in turn is essential for economic growth, scientific advancement, and life in general.
Arab nations have been increasingly investing in the space sector. They have become serious contributors to space science for the betterment of human life. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have astronauts, space missions and huge investments in the sector. Other Arab nations are also following suit.


  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Othman, Technical Advisor to the National Space Science Agency (NSSA), Bahrain
  • Salim Al Alawi, Managing Director, Space Communication Technologies Company, Oman
  • Moderator:

    • Nancy Nolting, Intelsat

    How Intelsat Solutions Provide High-performance Government Communications on Land, Sea and Air


    • Simon Hoey, Business Development, Global Government, Intelsat
    • Amal Ezzeddine, Global Government, Intelsat

    Videos: Intelsat FlexAir Broadband Connectivity for Government Aircraft; Land Mobile Connectivity for Civil Defense Applications

    13:30 Demo video: Paradigm Communications

    Moderated Panel Session: Border Security (Technology and Solution Partners)

    Global conflict is part of the fabric of everyday life today and defence agencies around the world, including Europe and the Middle East hold the primary mission of securing their borders and the sovereignty of their nation. Border security requires deployment of resources and technologies by land, air and sea. Most nations have huge borders with very little terrestrial infrastructure to support the critical communication and ISR requirements for effective border management.

    Reliance on high-performance, flexible, secure, and affordable communications can make a significant difference in terms of mission success. Integration of satellite comms with advanced, reliable and flexible technology applications and softwares, ensure that critical data is shared in a timely manner allowing for well informed decisions and actions.

    Join this panel as we talk about these applications, their operability over satellite networks, information security and all that is required for a reliable, robust and effective end-to-end solution for Border Security.


    • Neil Hendry, Vice President, EMEA, Digital Barriers
    • Steve Slater, Managing Director, Global RadioData Communications Ltd
    • Chris Halverson, Market Development Manager, SCOTTY Group
    • Warren Ackerley, Business Development Director, Paradigm Communication Systems


    • Brad Grady, Principal Analyst, Northern Sky Research
    14:45 Closing Remarks: David Micha, Vice President & General Manager, Intelsat General

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